Homes Are Appreciating Again in Utah!


This is fantastic news, especially here in Utah! Homes are appreciating again.

Increasing values prompt more homeowners to refinance due to improved equity positions, thus creating  an option for homeowners to be able lower their interest rates on their current home they own with better financing terms.

For sellers these values have also motivate buyers to get off the fence and purchase before prices go up and rates increase.

We are looking forward to 2013 because this translates into a lot more home buyers in the market, we are seeing this across the state of Utah.

The first time home buyer is allowing the people who already own a home to be able and sell then move up to a larger property it’s nice to see us pulling ahead of some of the other states and put the rough housing market behind us.

Even though its getting ready to snow here are a few tips to help get your home ready to sell,

There’s one thing I really like about winter and all of the snow we get here in Utah, and that is as long my driveway is plowed and the sidewalk is shoveled my yard looks just as good as the rest of the block…..just kidding…

But now is the time to get rid of that junk by the side of the house so start your spring cleaning now and make one more run to the dump, and get ready to fill up the storage unit, most people like to walk into your home and envision how all of their things would look in it, so store what you’re not using, clean out the closets and extra bedrooms if you’re not using it now, store it for later or have that one last yard sale before the snow fly’s.

remember now is not the time to do a major remodel!

Your idea of what looks great may not be what someone wants in their new home so if you’re selling make sure it’s neat and clean and ready to show!

If you’re buying, get prequalified even if you’re looking, I have had clients who just thought they would hit some open houses and then fell in love with a new floor plan and wanted to purchase it, even though they had a house to sell.

This happens more than you think so call me and let’s get you ready today.


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