FHA Loan Alert


FHA Loan Alert

Well it has not been a good year for FHA and things are going to change.

The first of Feb. they are looking at raising the MI or up front mortgage insurance again!

What this means to you is it now will cost 1.75% of the loan amount to get an FHA loan, so on a 200,000.00 house that’s $3500.00 out of pocket, this is on top of the monthly mortgage insurance your still going to have to pay along with your payment each month.

FHA is still trying to offset this by filling suit on several of the large banks one of them for a Billion Dollars but first you have to win and then be able to collect and we all know how backed up the courts are.

So first time home buyers get in get qualified and go shopping for a house, don’t wait make your dream of home ownership come true today.


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